With Risk There Is Always Reward

Learn how to make risk one of the most powerful tools in your toolbox.

With Mark’s help at your event, your attendees will learn first hand how to plan for risk, mitigate it and benefit from it.

The times you remember the most are when you felt as though you were on the edge. Get your team performing at their maximum potential with Mark’s help. He has been featured on:

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Live Life on the Edge

Live Life on the Edge

Mark appreciates that the most powerful tool for positive change in our technological world is good, old-fashioned storytelling. He’s also learned that stories about his adventures, and the innovation and persistence needed to fulfill them, inform and inspire transformational change in people’s personal and professional lives.

Mark is a seasoned keynote speaker who, for 25 years, has woven insights and ideas from his many ventures into presentations for North American clients. Along with his quick wit and engaging and authentic delivery style, Mark brings stunning visuals and videos from his diverse activities. You’ll be on the edge of your seat as he tells stories giving your audience valuable tools in the process

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“Mark’s energy and excitement for the future is exactly what we wanted for Worlds Fair Nano. Our goal is to inspire our visitors, and Mark did exactly that. His knowledge coupled with his ability to excite the audience made for an amazing talk.”


Michael Weiss

(CEO World’s Fair Nano)

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Take Your Organisation To New Heights

Whatever your notions of ‘adventure’ — climbing the highest mountain in your area, spearheading a technological breakthrough, or feeding hungry children in a third-world country — Mark Jennings-Bates will help fill your toolkit with the change-management and risk tactics and techniques you’ll need to build your dream!


Learn How To Harness A Winning Mentality

Mark has taken the same attitude in business as he takes with his world record adventures, championship winning rally team or physical endurance races.

Developing a winning mentality is more than reading, it is the application of that knowledge that will develop a finely tuned organisation. Let Mark accelerate that process.


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Learn How To Harness A Winning Mentality

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